FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  • Is my phone compatible?

    Please click here to see the list of eSIM compatible devices

  • How do I install the eSIM?

    Please click here to see the installation guide

  • What is the difference between installing and activating the eSIM?

    Installation occurs when you scan the QR code and the eSIM is added to your device.
    Activation occurs when you arrive at the destination country (or any of the covered countries by your eSIM that you will find in your setup email)
    IMPORTANT: Some eSIM start counting days as soon as you scan the QR code, so please refer to the email instructions you receive after the purchase

  • I cannot scan the QR code!

    If you are installing the eSIM directly from your device and you don't have a QR code to scan, you need to proceed with manual installation. You will find the instructions on your setup email.

  • When should I install the eSIM?

    You need a working connection to activate the eSIM so we suggest you to install it the day of the departure when you are still in your country with a working Wifi or cellular connection.

  • When does plan days start counting?

    It depends on the eSIM. Please read the activation email that contains all the instructions.
    Some eSIM start counting days only when you reach your destination country and your eSIM connects to the network.
    Some other eSIM start counting days as soon as you scan the QR code, so please refer to the email instructions you receive after the purchase

  • Do I need to enable roaming settings?

    Yes, the eSIM needs the roaming settings to be enabled. On iPhone devices you can enable it by going to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Roaming > Voice & Data. On Android devices you can enable it by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > Roaming.
    IMPORTANT: Make sure to enable the roaming settings ONLY on the eSIM, not on your main SIM, otherwise you will incour in roaming fees.

  • iMessage stopped working

    Check your iMessage settings: Make sure that iMessage is enabled and that your phone number and email address are listed correctly. Go to Settings > Messages and check the settings under "Send & Receive"

  • Do I need to remove the eSIM?

    Your eSIM will automatically stop working when you exit the covered countries. However, when your trip is over, you can manually remove the eSIM from your phone settings.

  • Can I use the Hotspot/Tethering feature on my device?

    Yes! Our eSIM data can be shared with your friends with no limits. You could use all the data in just one day if you need.

  • Why on my Android device I see a different amount of data?

    Android devices allows you to set a data warning threshold, usually is set at 2Gb but can be customized. Don't confuse the warning threshold with the real data amount you have.
    You can check the real available data and the consumed data from My eSIMs

  • I need an invoice!

    Please fill your company details here and you will find the invoice in about a week on our portal here.

  • I need a payment receipt!

    The payment receipt is sent at your email after each purchase.

  • Do you want to top up your esim?

    You can top up your eSIM from My eSIMs. When purchasing, check that the plan you have chosen is rechargeable in the information available on the page

  • When I try to install the eSIM I receive error 10014 on my Google Pixel Phone

    It means that you already have one eSIM installed on your Pixel. Your phone supports only one eSIM at time, please remove the other eSIM before installing ours.